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Book Review: Bootstrapper, the story of a mom who tackled the odds on a Northern Michigan Farm

Taking on farm life on your own with no help may seem like a recipe for disaster. But this memoir tells the story of how grit and determination...

Jenna Woginrich Shares Her Top Tips for Homesteading

Jenna Woginrich has tried her hand at everything from homesteading to raising animals and training falcons.

What Drives a Woman to Become a Farmer?

Being passionate about eating well and caring about the food you consume can lead you to some interesting places, like a field of okra.

Saving the Sea Turtles of South Padre Island, Texas

 How one lady's passion for saving sea turtles has blossomed into a multimillion dollar effort to save the sea turtles of South Padre Island in...

The Makings of a Hunting Partner

Hunting partners bond over time like lug nuts on an old truck wheel. The hours on the road, exposure to heat and cold, and the grit and grime from...

Living on country land in Louisiana

The Vizenas, who live in the River Bend community on the Calcasieu River, share the story of their beloved home in Allen Parish, Louisiana.

How Country Life Saves You Money | Rethink:Rural

Six ways moving to the country will save you serious cash.

How to Bake a Little Healthier (and feel sexier) this Valentine’s Day

Health writer Kristen Boye explains how to modify your favorite recipes to be healthier -- and still delicious -- this Valentine's Day (and...

How a forester created wooden decor from a piece of history

When Billy Lipthrott found the remains of a pre-Christopher Columbus era tree, he had to preserve it and put the rustic wood on display. He...

"A heavy dose of nature" inspires kids

A visit to a hands-on science center inspires a group of children to spend more time outdoors.