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How to Plan and Plant a Southern Spring Garden

Kentucky farmwife Catherine Pond shares wisdom on how to plan, prepare and plant a Southern spring garden.

Book Review: Bootstrapper, the story of a mom who tackled the odds on a Northern Michigan Farm

Taking on farm life on your own with no help may seem like a recipe for disaster. But this memoir tells the story of how grit and determination...

Jenna Woginrich Shares Her Top Tips for Homesteading

Jenna Woginrich has tried her hand at everything from homesteading to raising animals and training falcons.

Which Plants Should You Bring Indoors For The Winter?

If you’ve spent all summer and fall tending to your plants, you don’t want to let them suffer during the winter months. Some of your plants will...

Carols come to life at Christmas in the country

Kentucky farmwife Catherine Pond shares how lines from favorite carols are truly a part of her country Christmases.

Mistletoe—A Most Marvelous and Mysterious Holiday Plant

The history of mistletoe goes far beyond Christmas and kissing. There are many more uses for the plant then just a holiday decoration .

How did state fairs start?

Kentucky farmwife Catherine Pond takes us to the fair and looks into the history of how state and county fairs began in the United States.

Picking the Perfect Pumpkins: a guide to heirloom pumpkin varieties

You might only be familiar with the round, orange pumpkins that show up everywhere in the fall, but there are many more kinds of pumpkins, ranging...

Barn building inspiration from old barns across the U.S.

Get your barn building ideas from this piece highlighting the charms of old barn architecture across the United States.

Tips from The Beekman Boys: they answer 10 questions about rural life

Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell of the TV show, The Fabulous Beekman Boys, share tips they have learned about rural life since moving from NYC...