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Montana Artist Makes a Living Painting in Nature

John Potter spends his time deep in the woods of Montana, painting nature scenes for a living.

How to Make Yourself Invisible to Animals in Nature

We can intrude into the natural environment, or we can attempt to become a part of it. The art of "invisibility" may be as simple as leaving our...

5 Natural Tick Repellents that Actually Work

Ticks are toxic for your body, but your repellent doesn't have to be. Try this health expert's top solutions to keep the ticks at bay.

Meet the Snake Doctor: An interview with Whit Gibbons

Snake Doctor Whit Gibbons explains why he likes snakes, and why he says others should, too, in this overview of venomous snakes in the Southeast.

"A heavy dose of nature" inspires kids

A visit to a hands-on science center inspires a group of children to spend more time outdoors.

How to attract wild birds to your property

As a hunter and nature lover, L. Woodrow Ross has become passionate about attracting, feeding and enjoying wild birds. He offers tips on choosing...

How to Coexist with Black Bears

One woman’s story of learning the myths and facts about black bears and understanding how to react when a bear shows up on her land.

Quiz: Did you get the wrong dog?

Humor writer Jim Mize offers a quiz to help you determine if you picked up the wrong puppy after taking your new pet to the vet.

The facts about skunks: they're more interesting than you think

When you live rural, you need to know what to expect from the wildlife around you. Jim Mize takes a humorous - but educational - look at the facts...

Squirrels gone wild!

As a teenager with a single-barrel shotgun, I anticipated the opening day of squirrel season as if school were ending. Yet as my first step...