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Dad's Advice: Our Readers Share Their Favorite Quotes From Their Pops

In honor of Father's Day, we asked Rethink:Rural readers to share their dads' best advice. We share our favorites.

What Drives a Woman to Become a Farmer?

Being passionate about eating well and caring about the food you consume can lead you to some interesting places, like a field of okra.

Living on country land in Louisiana

The Vizenas, who live in the River Bend community on the Calcasieu River, share the story of their beloved home in Allen Parish, Louisiana.

How to find the best hunting land in Florida: 8 tips

Longtime hunter and real estate company owner Steve Simmons shares his best 8 tips for finding ideal land for hunting in Northern Florida.

Why manage wildlife on hunting land?

Longtime hunter Steve Simmons explains the benefits of managing wildlife for hunting land, both to increase the health of the deer population and...

How to make a hunting property the pros would envy

Lifelong hunter and real estate company owner Steve Simmons shares his expert advice for creating a hunt club that will flourish for years to come.

What to ask when buying land: The Rural Rules


The Rural Rules video series is back to go over questions you should ask before buying land.

Solar Powered Pest Control Machine offers alternative to pesticides

The new organic pest control product is self-operating and self-cleaning, zapping harmful bugs without chemicals over an area of several acres.

How a forester knows if trees are healthy

What does a forester look for to know whether a forest is healthy or unhealthy? A Rayonier forestry expert reviews the signs of great tree health...

Our favorite rural vacation destinations and drives

Whether you’re glamping in the woods, driving a quilt barn trail or helping out with the farm chores on a farmcation, there are great ways to...