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Real People. Real Stories. Real Land.

Advantages of Owning vs. Leasing Land

Are you debating whether to own or lease property?

How to Create a Campsite on Your Land

We talk to the experts about what's required to set up a camping area on your own property.

Healthcare in Rural America: Can You Get Good Care in the Country?

You want to move to the country, but will your medical care suffer, or will rural doctors measure up to city doctors? Rethink:Rural asks an expert.

The Best Way to Leave Land to Your Family Members

An expert offers tips about leaving land to your family members through rural estate planning.

How Country Life Saves You Money | Rethink:Rural

Six ways moving to the country will save you serious cash.

How a forester created wooden decor from a piece of history

When Billy Lipthrott found the remains of a pre-Christopher Columbus era tree, he had to preserve it and put the rustic wood on display. He...

How to Repurpose Wood You Clear from Your Acreage

Clearing your land means you are well on your way to building your dream rural home. But what will you do with all that timber?

Where to build your house on your land

You’ve bought the land. You have your house plans. All that remains is to choose the best location on your property to build your home. Nothing to...

Why hire a land agent rather than a residential Realtor?

What's the advantage of working with a land agent when purchasing land? We walk you through the special expertise - and connections - land agents...

How investing in land pays off

 Land broker Ryker Carter explains how investing in land can pay off, both in the value of the land, itself, and in the ways you can use the land...