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Rare Creature Sightings: The Gems of the Forest

There are times when a hunter find something even better than whatever he or she was hunting for: a rarely-seen animal, reptile or insect....

Tips for Fishing with Kids: A Fisherman's Advice

Seasoned fisherman and granddad Jim Mize shares advice based on lessons he's learned about fishing with young children.

The "Big" Life of Fly Fisherman Lefty Kreh

Famous fly fishing teacher and writer Lefty Kreh shares memories of his larger than life career teaching celebrities, creating flies and changing...

Why Hunters Love Their Hunting Trucks

Humor writer Jim Mize reflects on the love a hunter has for his hunting truck long after it's passed its prime.

Stand-Up Paddleboard Offers Intimate Nature Encounters

From yoga enthusiasts to fly fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts are discovering Stand-Up Paddleboard, also known as SUP.

The Makings of a Hunting Partner

Hunting partners bond over time like lug nuts on an old truck wheel. The hours on the road, exposure to heat and cold, and the grit and grime from...

"A heavy dose of nature" inspires kids

A visit to a hands-on science center inspires a group of children to spend more time outdoors.

The Deer Who Wore Camo: A True Hunting Story

Two men set out for the ultimate extreme hunting experience in the mountains, but their experience wasn't quite the Ernest Hemmingway story they...

Rain on a Tin Roof: The sound of a million memories

Jim Mize remembers hearing rain on a tin roof whenever he visited grandpa's house. Now a grandfather, himself, the sound takes him back to...

How Opening Day of Hunting Season is like Christmas

The anticipation, the preparation, the sleepless night before the big day... a humorous look at the ways hunting season's opening day is just like...