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In rural Nassau County, Florida, people still run into friends they know at the grocery store. The whole town turns out for Friday night football. And you can still find land where you won’t see your neighbors every time you step outside.

In many other places, you would have to make a choice between the charms of living country or the convenience of living close to businesses, attractions and city life. Nassau County is a rare exception that offers easy access to both.

Just south of the Florida-Georgia border and north of Jacksonville, it has sprawling, wooded land on its western side beyond Interstate 95 near small, charming Southern towns like Hilliard, where Saturdays are for fishing or kayaking on the quiet waters of the St. Marys River, and Callahan, where the local hardware store doubles as a museum. Although the area feels as country as can be, it’s just 30 minutes or less from the beach, Jacksonville International Airport and the east coast’s most important highway, Interstate 95.

Rethink:Rural's parent company, Raydient Places + Properties, owns and sells acreage in the same general area.

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18 Steps to Build a Custom Home in Nassau County, FL

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Custom home builder Steve Johnson walks us through the steps to build a house on land in Nassau County, Florida, from choosing the land to moving in.

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How to install a septic system in Nassau County, Florida

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When you're building a rural homefor the first time, installing a septic system may be new to you. We asked Nassau County, Florida, septic contractors to explain the steps involved.

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How to prepare land for a home site in Nassau County, FL

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Did you know preparing the dirt is one of the most important aspects of building a home? A company that prepares land for homes and buildings in Nassau County, Florida, explains.

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Affordability and Freedom Made Country Life Right for Military Couple

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The Monds family wanted the freedom and open space of a country property, and they found a way to do it on a budget.

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What it's Like to Live on a Family Compound

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The Franklin family shares their story of living on a family compound on rural acreage in Hilliard, Florida.

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Traders Hill Farms leads the way in aquaponics

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This Hilliard, Florida, aquaponics farm is growing produce in a fraction of the space and time using fish and the water they naturally fertilize.

Above: Traders Hill Farms set up its first aquaponics barn in this retrofitted chicken barn in Hilliard, Florida. The goal was to show that - by simply adding some clear paneling to the roof - the barn could be re-purposed for a different type of farming.

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They've "Goat" it Good at this Florida Goat Farm

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A couple turns a plot of timberland into the property of their dreams, a homestead with a Western-themed Florida  goat farm.

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From chicken farm to corn maze

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One plot of farmland has served the Conner family’s evolving needs for more than 150 years. We visit them in Hilliard, Florida, to hear their story of starting a corn maze.

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