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Top 6 Seed Companies to Order Organic, Heirloom and Hybrid Seeds

Kentucky Farmwife Catherine Pond offers an overview of her six favorite seed catalogs for hybrid, heirloom and organic vegetables.

Tips to Develop A Master Garden Plan

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How Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Will Help You Turn Your Land into a Wildlife Paradise

The FWC offers two free programs to help Florida landowners attract, nurture and protect wildlife on their property.

Diversify Your Rural Land With Bubble Tents

Owning rural land affords land owners incredible opportunities for diversification and multiple streams of income.

How to Attract Wildlife on Rural Property

Attracting wildlife onto your land makes it much more interesting. Here are some tips to assess the wildlife population on your property and some...

How to Add a Fish Pond or Water Garden To Your Land

Small fish ponds offer endless possibilities for creating unique nooks within your property and may be designed for any size landscape or budget....

Could a Cob or Straw Bale Home Be Right for Your Rural Land?

Could a Cob or Straw bale home be the right choice for you? An expert explains the pros and cons of each, plus the benefits of a hybrid cob-straw...

How to Naturally Maintain Ponds and Lakes on Your Rural Property

You want a pond on your property, but how do you naturally prevent dense algae blooms and other forms of nutrient pollution? A company in the...

7 Ways to Make Money Off Your Land While Hosting a Wind Turbine

Whether you have vacant land hosting a single turbine or limited land space after installing a turbine, don’t let that land go to waste.