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Don’t let the last few weeks of summer be a bore! Help inspire your children’s natural creativity with these fun country-style summer activities

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Christmas Outdoors

Christmas in the South has a cultural connection with the outdoors going back hundreds of years.  Archibald Rutledge, an outdoorsman and the first...

The Ultimate DIY Kids' Playhouses for Your Rural Land

We interview the imaginative carpenter behind Paul's Playsets, which offers cheap DIY Kids Playhouse plans you can purchase and download.

Secrets to Making Farm Chores Fun for Children of All Ages

Farm chores might not sound like your children’s idea of a good time. But with some encouragement from you, they can learn to love helping out.

Class is outdoors at Farm-Based Natural Science School

We find out how a Natural Science School on a Farmstead for preschoolers, homeschoolers and "Nature Geeks" came to be.

54 ways to know you grew up "country"

Country boy Jonathan Goode shares his list of 54 favorite experiences that country living gives you. How many have you experienced, and which is...