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The Ultimate DIY Kids' Playhouses for Your Rural Land

We interview the imaginative carpenter behind Paul's Playsets, which offers cheap DIY Kids Playhouse plans you can purchase and download.

Secrets to Making Farm Chores Fun for Children of All Ages

Farm chores might not sound like your children’s idea of a good time. But with some encouragement from you, they can learn to love helping out.

Class is outdoors at Farm-Based Natural Science School

We find out how a Natural Science School on a Farmstead for preschoolers, homeschoolers and "Nature Geeks" came to be.

54 ways to know you grew up "country"

Country boy Jonathan Goode shares his list of 54 favorite experiences that country living gives you. How many have you experienced, and which is...

Agriculture Science class inspires 6th graders to go rural

A new agriculture science class inspires 6th graders to go rural as they learn to care for livestock and garden in their Tift County, Georgia,...

Keeping chickens = a taste of country life for suburban family

A family living in a North Florida subdivision gets a taste of the country life they're yearning for when they decide to start keeping chickens.

5 unbelievable health benefits of playing outside

Research makes the case for the benefits of the outdoors for kids, from reducing ADD and ADHD symptoms to better eyesight. We look at the research...

“Free-range” daycare: Preschool on a farm

Celestial Farms, a farm-based daycare, gives kids more than a basic education: they learn farm chores, animal care and what real food is all about.

From Dallas to Prosper: Trading the city for rural life

When Dallas Sports FM Radio 105.3 The Fan Host Ben Rogers approached his wife Kat about leaving Dallas and moving to the country, she thought he...

Friendship in a quilt | Rethink Rural Blog

Years ago after our family moved from New England to a farm on the Kentucky Ridge, my neighbors invited my daughter Addie and I to experience...