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The Victory Garden Makes a Comeback

Victory gardens were essential during war times as a means of providing food, community, and security to over 20 million Americans. Today, those...

Country Living: Where You Can Be Prepared for Just About Anything — But First, How to Weather the Pandemic

With a news cycle on the greatest pandemic of our lives unfolding hourly, and exponentially, we are fueled by fear and conflicting information. 

How To Get Started Fishing: An Interview with Anastasia Patterson

Fishing or "angling" has been traditionally dominated by men (hence the name "fisherman"). However, these days more and more women have become...

Spring Break Ideas For Country Kids

Spring break is kicking off across the South...which means the kiddos will be looking for entertainment all week long. Fortunately, living in the...

How to Clear Land to Build a Homestead — Tips and Advice from a Florida Landowner

A FL landowner shares his experience, advice and tips on what it takes to clear a wooded lot to build a homestead.

How This Couple Started a Backyard Nursery Business on their Rural Land

The Webbs started a daylily business from scratch with a next-to-nothing financial investment and a lot of hard work. Read their story and get...

Rethinking New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions tend to come and go with the certainty of changing seasons. 

How Homesteading Creates Healthier Families—An Interview with “The Thrifty Homesteader,” Deborah Niemann

People turn to homesteading for a variety of reasons: to be more self-sufficient, because they love animals, to make a side-income on their...

Sisters on the Fly

The Sisters on the Fly is a women’s group that meets up in various locations to enjoy the great outdoors with one rule: “No men, no kids, have...

Secrets to Keeping Your Kids in Sports While Living in the Country

Dedicated parents with athletic kids can work out the commute from rural areas to town sports events.