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15 Ways an Appraiser Determines Land Value

An experienced land appraiser explains how he investigates a property to understand what makes it valuable and what detracts from its value.

What to ask when buying land: The Rural Rules


The Rural Rules video series is back to go over questions you should ask before buying land.

How a Forester Knows If Trees Are Healthy

What does a forester look for to know whether a forest is healthy or unhealthy? A forestry expert reviews the signs of great tree health - and...

The Pros and Cons of Wetlands

In this edition of The Rural Rules, Jason Shearer explains the good and bad aspects of wetlands, discussing limitations of wetlands as well as the...

How big is an acre of land? | Rethink Rural Blog

A lot of people don't know how big an acre really is, so on this The Rural Rules video, we show you the exact size of an acre.

The Rural Rules teaches how to buy country land

Introducing our educational video series, which features an insider's guide to buying and owning rural land.