How big is an acre of land

How big is an acre of land?

Posted by Tiffany Wilson on March 9, 2016

A lot of people don't know how big an acre really is, so on this The Rural Rules video, we show you the exact size of an acre.

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How big is an acre of land? Even people who think they know the size of an acre can get confused.

In The Rural Rules, a new video series we’ve put together with our parent company, Raydient Places + Properties, we address questions like that to help you get out of “rookie” status and enter the land buying process with confidence.

Watch below as our host, Jason Shearer, shows you exactly how big an acre of land is.



As Jason explains in the video, an acre is about 208 by 208 feet square. It's also the same size as a football field.

The video offers a quick overview of the number of acres you might need for various land uses, but don’t worry - we’re just getting started on helping you understand acreage.

Use the links below to view our "How big is an acre?" series that explains exactly how many acres you’ll need for various uses, including:


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