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Barndominiums—Reinventing the Rural Live-Work Space

Barndominiums, also known as “Barn Homes” or “Taj Mastalls,” are gaining popularity with landowners across the country.

Rural Internet Options: How to Connect in the Country

Looking for high-speed internet in a rural area? Even in the country, there are options. We review four of the best methods to get connected in...

Could a Cob or Straw Bale Home Be Right for Your Rural Land?

Could a Cob or Straw bale home be the right choice for you? An expert explains the pros and cons of each, plus the benefits of a hybrid cob-straw...

The Rural Landowner’s Guide to Earth Sheltered Homes

Could an earth sheltered house be right for you? An expert explains how these affordable alternative, energy-efficient homes are built.

How to Repurpose Wood You Clear from Your Acreage

Clearing your land means you are well on your way to building your dream rural home. But what will you do with all that timber?

Never too young to own land

The McDaniels may only be in their 20s, but they were more than ready to set up a homestead in the country.

Where to build your house on your land

You’ve bought the land. You have your house plans. All that remains is to choose the best location on your property to build your home. Nothing to...

The Beginner’s Guide to Build-it-Yourself Home Kits

We review build-it-yourself home kit companies, interviewing the companies and an owner to get the real story behind the costs and the work...

Land ownership for beginners: Our favorite advice

You bought the land, now what? We take a look at the best advice we've collected about how to build on your land, establish landscaping and even...

4 ways to make your big backyard amazing

Jacksonville landscaper Shawn White, owner of A Cut Above Outdoor Specialty Services, shares 4 ways to make the most of a big backyard.