How To Find Land For Sale In Baker County, FL Part 2: Doing Your Due Diligence

How To Find Land For Sale In Baker County, FL Part 2: Doing Your Due Diligence

Posted by Kristen Boye on March 31, 2023

Looking for land for sale in Baker County, Florida? Here's how to do your due diligence when you find that perfect piece of land.

In Part 1 of our How To Find Land In Baker County Florida series, we focused on the best resources for finding land for sale, how to find a good land agent and helpful facts and information about the local area.

In Part 2, you'll learn how to do your diligence when buying raw land to ensure you get the property that will suit your intended use. 

What To Consider When Doing Due Diligence For Baker County Land

Land use and zoning

Different types of zoning allow different types of land use.

For example, many of Baker County’s 5+ acre country land tracts – including those listed on the Raydient Places + Properties website – are zoned Agriculture.

That designation allows for housing and agricultural uses but does not allow businesses or homes to be built too close together. 

Zoning maps can change, so contact the Baker County Building and Zoning office directly to verify the zoning for the property you are considering. Find out if any changes are expected in the near future and ensure your intentions for the property fit the regulations.

Baker County Community Development (Building and Zoning) Department

Address: 360 E Shuey Ave, Macclenny, FL 32063

Phone number: 904-259-2403




Only a survey will ensure the boundaries of the property are correctly marked.

The survey will verify:

  • That the property lines are accurate
  • Exactly how much land the property includes
  • And whether any structures or encumbrances are on the property.

Land buyers typically take on the cost of getting a survey. However, Raydient Places + Properties has survey work completed even before its Rural Places are listed for sale.


Before you make an offer on a property, ensure you have your financing in line.

While many banks do not finance land purchases, farm credit institutions specialize in land. A few especially land-friendly institutions that will lend to Baker County land buyers include:

You can also purchase land in cash; and the USDA offers some grants to land buyers. Read our article on land grants for more information.

Your lender can help you create and understand your land-buying budget.

To learn more about financing, read our interview with a land loan officer for some general tips on getting approved for a land loan.

To understand the pros and cons of the most common finance options, read our article, 8 Ways to Finance a Land Purchase.

For more specific tips on the rural land buying process, read our eGuide, 3 Steps to Buying Rural Land with Confidence and check out, How The Land Buying Process Works from Offer to Close.

Looking for land for sale in Baker County, Florida? Click the link below to review available properties from Raydient Rural.

Baker County Land for Sale

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