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Why manage wildlife on hunting land?

Longtime hunter Steve Simmons explains the benefits of managing wildlife for hunting land, both to increase the health of the deer population and...

How to make your own tools

Survival expert L. Woodrow Ross explains how to make tools from recycled scrap metal and natural materials.

How to go Primitive Camping

How do you start a fire and get clean water without modern tools? An expert explains the essential basics of primitive camping.

How did state fairs start?

Kentucky farmwife Catherine Pond takes us to the fair and looks into the history of how state and county fairs began in the United States.

TreePods: Portable treehouses, no building required

The TreePod, a hanging treehouse, allows you to create a "hideout" wherever you go. No hammer and nails needed, and you can stowe it away when...

20 signs it's time to sell your boat

Humor writer Jim Mize offers 20 sure signs it's time to retire your boat.

Mountain biking: A culture of its own

Mountain bikers have their own language, equipment and tricks to get the best out of their sport - and to avoid the worst. Humor writer Jim Mize...

5 unbelievable health benefits of playing outside

Research makes the case for the benefits of the outdoors for kids, from reducing ADD and ADHD symptoms to better eyesight. We look at the research...

How many acres do you need to board horses?

Kentucky horse farming management expert Ron Wallace explains how many acres of land you need to raise or board horses.

How many acres do I need for an outdoor retreat?

The owners of a mountain bike getaway talk about how they found the property of their dreams and made it work for their retreat. 

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