Our Purpose: 

When people live in the country, you can’t drive down their long, private driveways to peek into their windows and see what their lives are like. But at Rethink:Rural, you can.

We’re here to help those who are searching for a simpler, rural lifestyle to get a firsthand view of what that life could be like. We tell the stories of rural people and share how they found their paradise, what they wish someone had told them before they started, and how they made their land fit their dreams.

We also talk to experts about how you can attain the country life, featuring advice for every step of the land-buying and land ownership process.

In an age where 80% of the population of the United States resides in an area defined as urban, we challenge you to “rethink rural.”


Who we are:

Rethink:Rural is operated by Raydient LLC (d/b/a Raydient Places + Properties). Its purpose is to educate potential land buyers about the land-buying and land ownership process and connect them to Raydient's available properties that best suit their needs. While Raydient's land is primarily forest land, our hope is that Rethink:Rural will enable you to see More than trees when you look at a property, instead seeing the potential of what that land could be as you make it your own.

Raydient is a taxable subsidiary of Rayonier, a leading timber real estate investment trust (REIT). Rayonier has owned and cared for thousands of acres of forestlands across the United States for 90 years. A recognized land, ecological and conservation manager, Rayonier has assets in some of the most productive softwood timber growing regions in the United States and New Zealand. Rayonier owns, leases or manages approximately 2.6 million acres of timberlands located in the U.S. South, U.S. Pacific Northwest and New Zealand.

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