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Incorporating Fruiting Perennials into Rural Landscapes

Space is valuable and we need to take advantage of "lost" space on our property. Fruiting perennial bushes, trees and vines can be an excellent...

How to Clear Land to Build a Homestead — Tips and Advice from a Florida Landowner

A FL landowner shares his experience, advice and tips on what it takes to clear a wooded lot to build a homestead.

top 10 land clearing tips from the experts

Wooded lots or timberland can offer an ideal alternative to hard-to-find open land and a great return on investment. The key is knowing how to get...

Due Diligence: How to make sure your land is buildable

The post-offer due diligence period can be as crucial as the search itself. We asked two land specialists for their tips on how to ensure your...

Everything you need to know about tree, bush and vine pruning

Pruning trees and bushes isn’t difficult, but proper tools, timing and technique are essential. L. Woodrow Ross shares his step-by-step tips to...

5 Lawn Care Tips to Start on Right Now

We can ignore our lawns and hope for the best as the cooler weather approaches, but come spring, we may regret that decision. There are a few...

How a Soil Scientist Creates a Low-Maintenance Garden in the South

We interview an expert in soil science to help you craft the garden of your dreams, even if you don't have a green thumb.

You Buy a House, But You Earn a Homeplace

Jim Mize shares how his family rebuilt a homeplace that has been in the family since the 1800s.

How Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Will Help You Turn Your Land into a Wildlife Paradise

The FWC offers two free programs to help Florida landowners attract, nurture and protect wildlife on their property.

How One Couple Built the Barn Event Venue of Their Dreams | Rethink:Rural Blog

Discover how one couple transformed their property by building a barn event venue for weddings and other parties, and their advice for how you...