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Secrets to Keeping Your Kids in Sports While Living in the Country

Dedicated parents with athletic kids can work out the commute from rural areas to town sports events.

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Bookmobiles make resources even more accessible. Here’s how libraries on wheels help those with limited transportation or living in rural...

Holiday Decorating with Nature's Beauty

Sick of storebought holiday decor? Outdoorsman L. Woodrow Ross explains how to use natural items from your own property to decorate for the...

Barndominiums—Reinventing the Rural Live-Work Space

Barndominiums, also known as “Barn Homes” or “Taj Mastalls,” are gaining popularity with landowners across the country.

10 Ways Country Life Can Be Your Best Personal Trainer

Long before people started paying monthly fees to work out at a gym, country folk were keeping in shape the old fashioned way: through hard work.

The best last-minute gift ideas for a country life enthusiast

It's not too late to buy gifts for the country person in your life, from heirloom seed subscriptions to homemade laundry DIY kits, there’s still...

13 Jobs You Can Do in the Country (that aren’t farming)

Thanks to a growing telecommuting industry, working rural is becoming more accessible than ever.

What are Backyard Office Sheds?

Working from home might be your dream, but you need a real office space to call your own.

Rain on a Tin Roof: The sound of a million memories

Jim Mize remembers hearing rain on a tin roof whenever he visited grandpa's house. Now a grandfather, himself, the sound takes him back to...

Road tripping with a dog? It's not easy with this lab

In the country, you travel with your dog - whether driving down the street or across several states. But what if your dog doesn't travel well?