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How To Start Hunting as a Complete Beginner With Small Game

Don’t let the hurdles keep you from getting started hunting. Consider small game to gradually build your outdoor skills.

September Song—The Lure of Autumn in the South

Kentucky farm wife at midlife, Catherine Pond, paints a beautifully nostalgic picture of why Southerners cherish the lingering months of autumn.

5 Lawn Care Tips to Start on Right Now

We can ignore our lawns and hope for the best as the cooler weather approaches, but come spring, we may regret that decision. There are a few...

The Battle of the Bird Feeder

For all those who fight the never-ending battle of the bird feeder, Jim Mize shares his harrowing story of how he managed to outsmart an entire...

Should You Get a Donkey for your Rural Land?

Thinking of getting a donkey as a guard animal, draft equine, or companion? We talked to an expert from the Donkey and Mule Society to find out...

Five Food Preservation Methods to Help Extend Your Summer Garden Enjoyment

Don't let surplus summer garden vegetables and fruit go to waste! By using one or several of the techniques we will discuss below, you can reduce...

15 Fun Summer Activities for Kids—Country Style!

Don’t let the last few weeks of summer be a bore! Help inspire your children’s natural creativity with these fun country-style summer activities

How Homesteading Creates Healthier Families—An Interview with “The Thrifty Homesteader,” Deborah Niemann

People turn to homesteading for a variety of reasons: to be more self-sufficient, because they love animals, to make a side-income on their...

Guinea Fowl 101

Known as the “security alarm of the country,” these birds aren’t your typical backyard chickens. Here’s what you need to know to get started in...

Secrets to Keeping Your Kids in Sports While Living in the Country

Dedicated parents with athletic kids can work out the commute from rural areas to town sports events.