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Foraging Tips for Beginners (and some spring “weeds” to try!)

Hunting wild edible plants can be as rewarding as hunting for wild animals. Plus, wild plants are healthy additions to your diet; they’re...

The Victory Garden Makes a Comeback

Victory gardens were essential during war times as a means of providing food, community, and security to over 20 million Americans. Today, those...

Eat Your Greens! Organic Farm: Redefining Small-Scale Suburban Farming

Think you need large acreage to start a farm? This couple shares how they set up a successful organic microgreens business from their suburban...

10 Ways to cook a little healthier this thanksgiving (without sacrificing tradition or flavor)

Registered dietician, Ricardo Boye, and natural foods chef and Rethink:Rural editor, Kristen Boye share the secrets to cooking healthier and...

How Keeping farm animals keeps you happier and healthier

The health benefits of having a pet are becoming widely known. But, did you know farm animals can also play a unique role in preserving your...

5 Ways Gardening Fights Aging and Increases Your Lifespan

Research shows gardening can boost your heart health, reduce stress and strengthen your brain!

How Homesteading Helped This Man Beat Stage 3 Cancer

At age 39, Harold Thornbro—husband, father of three, business owner and seemingly healthy individual—was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer.

How Homesteading Creates Healthier Families—An Interview with “The Thrifty Homesteader,” Deborah Niemann

People turn to homesteading for a variety of reasons: to be more self-sufficient, because they love animals, to make a side-income on their...

Bella Vista Farm—Creating Community, Herbal Elixirs and Empowered Health in Monroe, GA

Anne-Marie Bilella went from working as a nail tech to making a living baking breads and selling medicinal herbs.

Get Ready to Ditch and Switch! A Step-By-Step Guide to Detoxifying Your Country Home

The average person spends 90 percent of their time indoors, so it's important to ensure what's inside your house is safe for your body.