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Country Living: Where You Can Be Prepared for Just About Anything — But First, How to Weather the Pandemic

With a news cycle on the greatest pandemic of our lives unfolding hourly, and exponentially, we are fueled by fear and conflicting information. 

How Much Does A Tiny House Cost TO Build?

Tiny Homes have great appeal for those looking to downsize or to add a vacation rental to their rural land. But, how much do they cost to build,...

Cooking Without Power: An Introduction to Dutch Ovens

Knowing how to cook without electricity not only makes camping and hunting trips more fun, it could make all the difference when an unexpected...

How covenants, Conditions and Restrictions Help Protect Your Investment

If you’re buying rural land, you’ll want to become familiar with any covenants, conditions and restrictions (AKA: CCRs) that apply to your...

Five Food Preservation Methods to Help Extend Your Summer Garden Enjoyment

Don't let surplus summer garden vegetables and fruit go to waste! By using one or several of the techniques we will discuss below, you can reduce...

4 Rainwater Harvesting Myths Debunked

The founder of Rainharvest School dispels myths and explains the right way to harvest rainwater to ensure it is safe for drinking.

Live free or die: Life according to Colbert

MOULTRIE, Georgia--If you love a good “fish story,” ask Colbert Sturgeon about the time he caught a fish with his face.

4 ways solar energy will save you money

A solar energy consultant shares not only how using solar energy can cut your electricity costs, but how it actually might make you money.

Mennonites & Me | Rethink Rural Blog | Rural Life

Here in Kentucky we discovered a small Old Order Mennonite community in the neighboring county. For eight years we have done business with their...

The benefits of well water

One often under-appreciated health perk of rural living is unlimited access to a cleaner, more natural source of water: well water.