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Meet the Mason Bee: A Solution to Declining Honeybee Populations

The news of the collapse of honeybee populations in recent years has created much concern about the loss of their ability to pollinate a wide...

Foraging Tips for Beginners (and some spring “weeds” to try!)

Hunting wild edible plants can be as rewarding as hunting for wild animals. Plus, wild plants are healthy additions to your diet; they’re...

A Landowner's Guide to Conservation Easements

Recently, American public lands have garnered attention across the media. For someone that lives in an urban setting, the idea that public lands...

The Victory Garden Makes a Comeback

Victory gardens were essential during war times as a means of providing food, community, and security to over 20 million Americans. Today, those...

Incorporating Fruiting Perennials into Rural Landscapes

Space is valuable and we need to take advantage of "lost" space on our property. Fruiting perennial bushes, trees and vines can be an excellent...

How a Soil Scientist Creates a Low-Maintenance Garden in the South

We interview an expert in soil science to help you craft the garden of your dreams, even if you don't have a green thumb.

Homesteading for Health: How Country Life Can Heal

A commitment to healthy living and simplicity on the homestead helped this family improve their son’s health and quality of life.

Tips From The Ladies Behind Ladies Homestead Gathering

Being a woman on the homestead can be challenging if you don't know other homesteaders. The Ladies Homestead Gathering aims to make things easier...

What Drives a Woman to Become a Farmer?

Being passionate about eating well and caring about the food you consume can lead you to some interesting places, like a field of okra.

Solar Powered Pest Control Machine offers alternative to pesticides

The new organic pest control product is self-operating and self-cleaning, zapping harmful bugs without chemicals over an area of several acres.