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Tips From The Ladies Behind Ladies Homestead Gathering

Being a woman on the homestead can be challenging if you don't know other homesteaders. The Ladies Homestead Gathering aims to make things easier...

Jenna Woginrich Shares Her Top Tips for Homesteading

Jenna Woginrich has tried her hand at everything from homesteading to raising animals and training falcons.

What Drives a Woman to Become a Farmer?

Being passionate about eating well and caring about the food you consume can lead you to some interesting places, like a field of okra.

Living on country land in Louisiana

The Vizenas, who live on the Calcasieu River, share the story of their beloved home in Allen Parish, Louisiana.

Never too young to own land

The McDaniels may only be in their 20s, but they were more than ready to set up a homestead in the country.

The country people we have met

In celebration of Rethink:Rural's first birthday, we're taking a look back at the country people we've introduced you to throughout the Southern...

Raising farm kids: A family's move from subdivision to hobby farm

A family trades life in a subdivision for a small farm, raising farm kids who know the meaning of hard work, good food and the beauty of the...

Teen masters the art of fly-tying

At just 13 years old, Tradd Little is a master at fly-tying, artistically creating his own fishing ties and offering tutorials to adults and kids...

How many acres do you need for a CSA?

We talk to the expert in market gardening and micro-farming, Jean-Martin Fortier, who brings in six figures a year on his 1.5 acres.

“Free-range” daycare: Preschool on a farm

Celestial Farms, a farm-based daycare, gives kids more than a basic education: they learn farm chores, animal care and what real food is all about.