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A permaculture expert shares 8 tips to prevent drought and conserve water on your rural property.

How Cold Fresh Air Helps You Be Healthier

While you may hide in the house as soon as cold weather hits, there are more than a few reasons to get out and enjoy the cool air.

7 Easy Ways to Preserve Food (No Canning Required)

Not a fan of canning? Here are 7 alternative ways to preserve produce to enjoy all winter long.

How a Digital Detox Could Change Your Life

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What are Backyard Office Sheds and How Can You Use One to Work at Home?

Working from home might be your dream, but you need a real office space to call your own.

Simple fall garden prep trick = less spring weeds

Want weed-free garden beds without pesticides? The simple technique of tarping minimizes your time spent weeding while putting organic material...

8 Charming Tiny House Rentals in the South

We review some of the best tiny house vacation rentals where you can "try before you buy" tiny home living in the Southern United States.

Want to be healthier? Live near trees, studies say

We look at 5 scientifically-proven ways trees help prevent health problems and even reverse chronic diseases in adults and children.

Class is outdoors at Farm-Based Natural Science School

We find out how a Natural Science School on a Farmstead for preschoolers, homeschoolers and "Nature Geeks" came to be.