20 Hobby Farming & Homesteading Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Posted by Kristen Boye on November 15, 2023

Discover 20 one-of-kind hobby farming & homesteading gift ideas any back-to-the-lander, off-gridder, gardener or farmer will love.

Looking for hobby farming and homesteading gift ideas? It can be a formidable challenge for this unconventional and typically minimalistic crowd.

But don’t worry. After many years of documenting the lifestyle, selling rural properties and interviewing various hobby farmers and homesteaders, we know these folks well.

That’s why the team at Rethink:Rural collaborated to bring you 20 unique gift ideas for your back-to-the-land friends and family, including:

5 Gardening Gifts for Homesteaders, Hobby Farmers & Gardeners

Growing your own food is serious work for homesteaders, hobby farmers and dedicated gardeners. 

This is why nearly everyone in this boat will appreciate functional tools that make their gardening chores easier.

Here are a few unique gardening gifts they likely don’t have (always do your due-gift-diligence to make sure) but will appreciate for years to come.

1: A Broadfork Makes Bed Prep a Breeze

Anyone living in the deep south, or anywhere with hard compacted clay soil, will appreciate the power of a broadfork for breaking up the earth. 

This large hand tool not only helps break up compacted soil with minimal tillage, but can work well to dig up root vegetables during harvest time. 

This one sold by Earth Tools is handmade in the USA worth its weight in gold.


2: Roo Gardening Apron

We’ve mentioned these in previous gift guides, but they’re so awesome that we decided they were worth a repeat!

These simple and stylish gardening aprons have a big pouch in the front (hence the name “Roo Apron”) to house fruits, vegetables, weeds, and dead heads that you empty with just the pull of a string. 

Multiple pockets allow you to store and access gardening tools, twine, your phone, etc., effortlessly. 

The “Roo” is the large size and ideal for serious gardeners/hobby farmers, and the “Joey” is a half-size better suited for smaller gardens, urban farming or little helpers. 

3: Bed Preparation Rake

Bed prep can be a tedious process, especially for small or micro-farms or gardens relying on non-mechanized or low-mechanized systems.

A good functional soil rake that is lightweight can make bed preparation much easier. 

This 30-inch aluminum rake is easy to manage and ideal for spreading compost, soil amendments or tilled soil to the perfect width.

4: Row Markers for Bed Prep Rake

 These inexpensive row markers can be added to the tines of the rake at the desired measurements (1 inch, 2 inches, etc.) to make spacing and transplanting seeds or seedlings consistent and fast. 

Any avid gardener will appreciate this simple and easy-to-use gardening tool

For more information about these gardening tools and more, see: Must-Have Tools and Accessories for Gardeners.


5: A Mini Greenhouse Kit for Seed Starting

Seed starting is an essential component of growing food for personal use or for market.

This simple indoor germination system, aka “mini greenhouse,” will help them get a head start on growing vegetable starts for early spring transplanting while providing much higher germination rates.

This $67.00 mini greenhouse kit from Johnny’s Seeds works for standard cell trays or soil blocks and includes: 

  • A heavy-duty support tray
  • NanoDome (humidity dome)
  • Power cord with on/off switch
  • And 18" SunBlaster TH5O fluorescent strip light with reflector. 
  • The 7" tall NanoDome has adjustable vents and a recessed groove on the top for added strength.

Unsure if your giftee is already set on seed starting gear? 

Given the addictive nature of seed starting and growing food, chances are they’d appreciate an extra kit even if they already have one (or more).

3 Essential Tool Gifts for Homesteaders

Most seasoned homesteaders and hobby farmers will already have these tools—although they may appreciate an upgrade or backup. 

However, newbies will love receiving any of these exciting power tools that enhance self-sufficiency.

6: A Gas or Electric Chainsaw

As any “Homestead Rescue” fan will tell you, a chainsaw is one of the most important tools to have on a homestead, hobby farm, recreational and/or wooded property.

That said, not everyone needs a super-duper, heavy-duty chainsaw. 

Which is why we’ve included two options. 

A gas chainsaw for heavier work where more muscle is required, and an electric chainsaw for lighter, everyday jobs that is also lighter to wield.


The Best Gas-Powered Chainsaw for Homesteaders and Hobby Farmers

Stihl and Husqvarna are consistently rated among the best chainsaws because of their quality, reliability and toughness. 

  • One of the main benefits of a Sthil is that they have many qualified dealers, even in rural areas. This makes getting your chainsaw serviced or repaired much easier, especially if it’s under warranty. 
  • Husqvarna ranks neck and neck with Sthil and offers a quality product at a cheaper price point.
    • The  HUSQVARNA 455 Rancher is an excellent chainsaw for homesteaders, small farms or recreational properties
  • Echo also makes solid chainsaws that are easy to come by. 
    • The Echo CS-4010 would be a great choice for the modern homesteader, hobby farmer or property owner.

In general, an 18 to 20-inch bar will give homesteaders the flexibility to accomplish any wood-cutting task. But if you’re unsure, you can always do some secret investigating.

The Best Electric Chainsaws for Homesteaders and Hobby Farmers

Electric saws are a great option for anyone who wants to avoid fuel and fuel mixes and/or having to struggle with a pull cord (which takes some muscle and practice). 

They don’t have the same power, but they are very user-friendly, quieter, more eco-friendly and less stinky than their gas cousins. 

Overall, any of these electric chainsaws is a great option for chainsaw beginners.

7: Knives & Multitools

Knives and multitools are absolutely essential on a homestead or hobby farm. Here are some to consider.

The Best Multitool for Homesteaders

The Leatherman Wave + is 18 tools in one and is one of the best tools for homesteaders, hobby farmers, gardeners or anyone with a large property.

The 18 tools can cut, grip (with the pliers) or fix most things immediately versus having to run to the tool shed, which can enhance efficiency and productivity for busy land keepers.


The Best Knives for Kids (check with their parents first!)

It may sound strange to city or suburban dwellers, but country kids typically start using knives at a young age. 

However, the appropriate age and knife depends on the age, maturity and skills of the child, so do check with their parents or guardians first!

  • Opinel Kids Folding Knives are highly rated, come in a variety of colors and levels, and will last for years.
  • Opinel also has a kids chef collection designed to safely teach kids cutting and peeling skills. They’ve been featured on America’s Test Kitchen as the best knives for small children, are made in France and are designed for smaller hands.
The Best Knife Overall for Homesteaders and Knife Lovers

If you really want to show your love to a knife lover, the Benchmade Bugout Series will bring the wow factor. 

They are pricey, but they are still made in the USA and have proven to be one of the best all-around folding knives for everyday use. 

There are many options to choose from, but the Bugout series is by far the most popular.

8: Knife Sharpener

Most homesteaders and hobby farmers are DIY-till-they-die types, which makes a knife sharpener a no-brainer. 

This Work Sharp Ken Onion Elite Sharpening System is ideal because it works on all types of kitchen and hobby knives along with outdoor tools such as axes and gardening equipment.

It takes a little practice to master. However, homesteaders and DIYers will appreciate its multi-purpose applications, high quality and sharpening efficiency.

If this seems like too much sharpener, then WorkSharp has a full line of sharpeners to choose from.

5 Homesteading and Hobby Farming Books to Give

Most homesteaders and hobby farmers rely heavily on books to help hone their skills and crafts. 

Here are some unique and helpful books to consider gifting.


9: Everything Worth Preserving by Melissa K. Norris (Pioneering Today)

Melissa Norris is well-known in the homesteading space for her Podcast (Pioneering Today), blog, books and speaking engagements.

This is one of her newer books which lays out everything one needs to know about safely preserving fruits, vegetables, meats, jams, jellies, broth and more in one handy reference guide.

10: The Living Soils Handbook by Jesse Frost

This book is ideal for those looking to build soil health using regenerative agriculture principles. 

It provides a great starting point to understand soil health from a biological perspective and is loaded with easy entry tips to grow healthier, nutrient-rich foods at a market garden/homestead scale.

11: The Winter Harvest Handbook by Elliot Coleman

Even though this book is meant for more northern climates, its advice is applicable to anyone interested in extending their growing season.

Topics covered include greenhouse/high tunnel construction and maintenance, cold-hardy seed selection, planting schedules, crop management, harvesting practices and marketing methods.

12. Old Fashioned on Purpose by Jill Winger

In this much-anticipated book, Jill Winger artfully discusses what’s driving people to abandon the 24/7 modern culture and return to their roots by homesteading. 

The book also includes practical advice on how to create a successful homestead and/or develop a homesteading mentality and skills no matter where you are on the journey.

13. The Lean Micro Farm

In his latest book, Ben Hartman, “The Lean Farmer,” has taken all his knowledge base and written a book about how to farm 1/3 of an acre in a profitable way. 

According to Harman, this means scaling down from his previous farm in an effort to work less and improve quality of life by spending more time with family and building community. This book should be on any gardener's, hobby farmer's, or homesteader's shelf!

7 Gift Certificates and Subscriptions Homesteaders and Hobby Farmers will Adore

You can’t go wrong with a subscription or gift card for homesteaders and hobby farmers—especially for those who are hard to buy for or have been doing this for a while.

Here are seven tried and true ideas.

14: Subscription to Seedtime: An Online Garden Planning Tool

This multi-functional online garden planner can save hours of planning and help maximize garden planning (such as when to plant what depending on desired yields and timeframes and sucession planting), task management and record keeping.

It could be the best gift you give to anyone interested in gardening at a homestead/market garden scale. 

Seedtime is purchased as a subscription versus a gift card, you can see the options here.

15: A Gift Card to Lehman's

Lehman’s is a popular homesteading supply company that has everything a homesteader could need. Their mission is to provide authentic, historical products to those seeking a simpler life. 

They have tons of non-mechanized tools, cast iron cookware, eco-friendly products, soap-making supplies, camping gear, prepping supplies, candles, laundry supplies and products, simple toys, non-toxic pest control…it’s like heaven for homesteaders, off-gridders, preppers or anyone trying to simplify their lives.

16: Price Club or Azure Standard Gift Cards

Country living typically means stocking up on bulk goods through price clubs or co-ops.

You can find out what price club or co-ops they use by asking, then decide how much you want to give.

For example, many homesteaders and hobby farmers rely on Azure Standard, a national organic co-op, for food, canning, gardening, livestock supplies, food storage and other homesteading staples. You can find Azure Standard gift cards here.


17: Seed Supply Gift Cards

Every homesteader, hobby farmer and gardener will purchase seeds this year or next year. 

A gift card to their favorite seed supplier will help ease some gardening financial burden and allow them to try out some of those rare, exotic or fancy seed varieties they’ve been itching to buy.

See Top 6 Seed Companies to Order Organic, Heirloom, and Hybrid Seeds for a list of some of the best heirloom seed suppliers.

18: A Subscription to Mothe Earth News Magazine

Mother Earth News Magazine has been educating and inspiring homesteaders for decades, and the content is still excellent.

An annual subscription is only $17.95 and includes a digital and print or digital only.

19: Hardware Store or Tractor Supply Gift Cards

Anyone who owns a property will use a hardware store or tractor supply gift card! 

See if you can find what their favorite local store is. If not, a general gift card to a big box store close to their home always works.

20. Subscription to Acres USA

Acres USA is North America’s oldest publisher on production-scale organic and regenerative farming. They cater to farmers, ranchers, and market gardeners who grow food profitably, sustainably, and without harmful chemicals. 

We’ve featured several mutual experts from Acres here on Rethink:Rural such as Jean Martin-Fortier and Ben Godfrey.

A one-year digital subscription is $29.00 and a one-year digital/print is $39.00.

What About Kitchen and Culinary Gifts for Homesteaders?

This is such a big topic that we wrote a separate article about it!

Check out: Top 14 Gifts for the Homesteader and Hobby Farmer’s Kitchen for more gift ideas from an actual hobby farming homesteader and homeschooling mom.

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Happy Holidays from the Rethink:Rural and Raydient Rural Team!

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