Top 14 Gifts for the Homesteader and Hobby Farmer’s Kitchen

Posted by Mara Watts on November 15, 2023

Looking for a practical gift for the homesteader or hobby farmer on your holiday list? To help out, we’ve collected an assortment of kitchen gift ideas sure to delight.

Being more self-sufficient is a primary goal of most, if not all, homesteaders and hobby farmers. This means they spend a lot of time growing their own food.

During and after a plentiful harvest, these folks need functional and useful kitchen tools to prepare, cook and store their food. What better way to support homesteaders’ and hobby farmers’ efforts than by gifting practical kitchen tools and gadgets this holiday season?

We rounded up 14 essential kitchen gifts every homesteader and hobby farmer needs this holiday season and beyond.

#1: A Food Dehydrator

A food dehydrator is a versatile homesteading kitchen item that can be used in various ways.

Because homesteaders spend most of their time growing while tending to their gardens and animals, preserving their harvest is critical. A dehydrator offers a form of food preservation that reduces waste and increases the shelf life of most foods. 

Fruits, vegetables, herbs and certain meats can be dried for a quick and healthy snack. A dehydrator can also be used to make granola, fruit rolls and other delicious treats without the use of added sugars and preservatives. 


#2: A Canner & Toolkit

Canning food is a traditional homesteading practice that captures the delicious flavors of the summer and fall garden bounty. There’s just something about cracking open a can of fresh corn or green beans to accompany a winter meal.

Check out this ultimate canning kit, an all-in-one gift with everything a hobby farmer or homesteader needs to get started with canning. The kit is complete with a 16-quart Presto pressure canner, a how-to guide and essential canning accessories.

#3: Mason Jars & Canning Lids

You can’t can food without mason jars and canning lids. And many homesteaders and hobby farmers will tell you they never seem to have enough of them. Help them stock up and prepare for the upcoming canning season with a new set of jars and lids.

Although there are many brands, the Ball mason jars are often the go-to. They supply mason jars, lids and even canning ingredients, such as pectin. Choose from regular mouth, wide mouth, or jelly jars, depending on the homesteader’s preference.

#4: A Large Stock Pot

There’s nothing more satisfying than the aroma of a simmering pot of homemade chicken or vegetable stock. Large stainless steel stock pots are an essential item for every hobby farmer’s kitchen. Great for making broth, soups and stews, pasta and much more.

Made from heavy-duty stainless steel, the All-Clad 12-Quart Stainless Steel Multipot is a favorite as it will withstand long-term use in the kitchen. With the perforated insert and steamer basket, this multi-use stock pot is well worth every penny.


#5: A Garlic Press

Crush your holiday gift-giving goals (pun most certainly intended) with a garlic press. A convenient alternative to chopping and mincing homegrown garlic, a garlic press significantly simplifies cooking in the kitchen.

Help add more culinary flavor to a homesteader’s kitchen by gifting a high-quality garlic press like this one. These also make great stocking stuffers.

#6: A Rolling Pin

“Roll up” to your holiday gathering with a simple but useful kitchen gift for the homesteading baker in your life.

French rolling pins like this one are all the rage these days. Easy to handle, roll and work with.

Or, go more American traditional with an old-fashioned wooden rolling pin with handles.

Include a few recipes to inspire your hobby farmer to whip up some delicious pies and cookies. 

Hey, did someone say pie?

#7: A Wooden Recipe Box with Recipe Cards

Secret family recipes are passed down for many generations. Often, these recipes are written on small cards or are put to one’s memory. A recipe box is a great place for these precious family heirlooms to be safely stored and referenced.

Check out the Tidita Acacia Wood Recipe Box with Cards, a beautiful and functional organizer for the homesteader’s favorite recipes. Easy and quick to reference, a recipe box is a traditional and thoughtful gift idea.

#8: A Cast Iron Skillet

Some homesteaders are lucky enough to have had cast iron skillets passed down to them from older generations. The rest, well, they could use a high-quality skillet in their kitchens, too.

This Lodge skillet comes pre-seasoned and is durable and easy to use.

With each use, cast iron improves by absorbing the seasonings and oils used to cook. This functional homesteading gift is great for sauteing, baking, roasting, frying and much more.


#9: A High-Quality Knife Set

Knives are important tools for any kitchen. But for the hobby farmer and homesteader, kitchen knives are especially useful depending upon the project. Butchering meat, preparing food for preservation or slicing into a homegrown watermelon requires sharp, quality kitchen knives.

Well-made knives, such as those in the Ontario Knife Company 5-Piece Old Hickory Knife Set, make cutting, preparing and butchering a cinch. With beautiful hardwood handles, this knife set gives the homesteader’s kitchen a rustic vibe.

Included in the set are a boning knife, two paring knives, a butcher’s knife and a slicing knife. 

#10: A Digital Scale

Accurately measuring ingredients in the kitchen is key to ensuring a tasty outcome. A digital scale, such as this one, is a budget-friendly gift idea for the homesteader on your list.

Great for cooking, baking and measuring portion sizes, a digital scale is a must-have in the hobby farmer and homesteader’s kitchen.

#11: A Butter Crock

Nothing tastes better than smooth, spreadable butter on a warm piece of bread. Room-temperature butter stored in a crock is a tasty alternative to a cold, hard stick of butter from the refrigerator. Add a pinch of herbs to the crock for added flavor.

Gift the beautiful and functional Classic Butter Bell Crock to a butter-loving homesteader or hobby farmer. This crock can hold up to one stick, or ½ cup, of butter and is made from durable New Bone China.

#12: An Egg Organizer

Support your chicken-loving homesteader with this wooden and stackable egg organizer. This gift is especially helpful they tend to have eggs coming out of their ears. This egg organizer can be used on the kitchen counter, tucked away in a cabinet or stored in the refrigerator.

A bonus: the organizer can also hold duck eggs.

Does your hobby farmer raise quail?

Check out this adorable quail egg organizer.

#13: Parchment Paper...In Bulk

Imagine it’s bread-making day on the homestead. You go to the pantry to find, to your dismay, that you’ve run out of parchment paper. A nightmare for hobby farmers and homesteaders alike.

Be a hero and gift a dreamy amount of several boxes of parchment paper. Just trust us, your favorite hobby farmer will thank you.

#14: A Homestead Kitchen Apron

Last but certainly not least, a durable and functional apron is a must in the kitchen.

Help keep your homesteader’s clothing free of raw ingredients with the gift of a kitchen apron. Look for aprons with pockets, as they are useful for holding kitchen utensils.

Consider these adorable homestead kitchen aprons featuring hand-drawn farm animals. Choose from a rooster, pig or goat.

If you're still on the hunt for that perfect gift, be sure to check out our other gift guides for more ideas this holiday season:

Happy Holidays!

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