Holiday Gift Guide for Hobby Farmers and Homesteaders

2022 Holiday Gift Guide For Hobby Farmers and Homesteaders

Posted by Sarah Snipes on November 23, 2022

Support your hardworking loved ones this winter with gifts that nurture them and inspire their dreams. 

It's the end of another year and growing season. And for homesteaders who've worked hard all year, it's time to celebrate, relax, and settle into winter.

Yes, there are still plenty of winter chores to do. But there's also time to unwind by the fire with a good book after the sun goes down. And time to dream about next year's projects. 

How do the homesteaders in your life spend the winter? What are their plans for the new year? 

We hope this list helps you choose the perfect gifts for your homesteading loved ones. Oh, and you should know: this isn't a sponsored post, and these aren't affiliate links. These are just products and services we like and recommend.

Happy holidays! 

The Self-Care Gift


All those homesteading chores --- pulling weeds, chopping wood, repairing fences --- can cause muscle soreness and pain. While your homesteading friend rarely complains, we bet she would really appreciate a gift that helps her relax and recover this winter. 

Massage tools like the back buddy and this foam roller are great for at-home self-massage. They release pressure points (also known as trigger points) in tight, aching muscles and improve circulation.

Pair these tools with a spa gift box filled with soothing bath salts and scrubs for a more luxurious experience. 

Another option is a gift certificate for a massage therapy or sauna session at a nearby spa. 



Homesteaders do what they do because they love it. It's deeply rewarding and meaningful to work hard and create a simple, handmade life.

What better way to honor your loved one's sense of meaning than with a unique work of art depicting their homestead?

If you have a photo of their farmhouse or barn, you can have an Etsy artist hand-paint a watercolor recreation of it. Or do the same with a favorite landscape scene from the farm

Or if your homesteader is crazy about their animals, consider a farm animal portrait or painting of a favorite pet. 


As we mentioned, winter is a great time to plan ahead for next year's projects.

A gift certificate for their local nursery or greenhouse would be perfect if your homesteader wants berry bushes or fruit trees. They can order the plants when it's time to put them in the ground.

For the friend who's been talking about building a shed or greenhouse, see if they have a local hardware store that offers gift cards. Or if they live in the middle of nowhere, go with a big box hardware store that offers delivery.

For the homesteader planning to get into home remedies and herbal medicines or from-scratch cooking this year, look for a local health food store. They usually offer bulk herbs and grains at discount prices. 


And if they live too far away from town for this to be convenient, gift them a Thrive Market subscription. Thrive offers groceries, supplements, and household products with an emphasis on organic, healthy, and sustainable ingredients. Thrive prices are usually better than the grocery store’s, but they’ll price match if not. And shipping is free on orders over $49.

Azure Standard gift certificates are another great option for rural folks. They offer a variety of organic bulk foods, herbs, and homesteading supplies and have drop locations in hundreds of rural locations across the country.

It works differently than online ordering in that you must pick up your order at a specified drop location vs. having it delivered. However, if your homesteading friends are into that, Azure Standard is a great option.



Spending time in the kitchen in the heat of summer can be a real chore. Winter is a good time to learn new recipes, cook nourishing soups, and bake healthy treats from scratch in a warm and cozy kitchen. 

For the homesteading cook on your list, check out these cute bowl covers, beeswax food wraps, and produce storage bags to replace plastic wrap and aluminum foil in the kitchen. It's nice to have a zero-waste alternative for storing extra servings in the fridge.

For the friend who's dabbling in fermentation, check out these traditional crocks made in the U.S. of safe (lead-free) materials. The two- and three-gallon starter kits are great for lactofermentation.

Or gift a sturdy, high-quality apron made of machine-washable canvas cotton or linen that will stand the test of time.



During winter, gardeners love to order seeds and plan their spring plots.

Engage your gardening friend's planning side with a subscription to Wondrium, an online learning platform. They can dive deeper into their gardening passion with courses like "The Science of Gardening," "How to Grow Anything," and "Container Gardening Tips & Techniques."

Wondrium's courses are taught by college professors who focus on the most recent research in horticulture.

Add a garden planner to help your loved one chart out next year's crops.

For the backyard scientist, consider a weather station. Any gardener will tell you that their local microclimate often differs from the regional weather forecast. A home weather station can help your gardener monitor rainfall and temperature in their garden. They can even set up temperature alerts to help avoid frost damage.

When shopping for the homesteaders on your list, remember that they often rely on their own resourcefulness rather than spend on gadgets and “extras.” But that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate the newest in gardening tech–or even luxury self-care items! 

We hope these tips help you and your loved ones to have a joyful and relaxing holiday season. 

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Sarah Snipes

Sarah Snipes is a freelance writer based in Western North Carolina. When she’s not writing, you can find her outside—usually hunting or fishing with her husband. Sarah is passionate about wellness and enjoys strength training, practicing yoga, and cooking healthy meals in her free time.

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