Pickin' Time!

Pickin' Time!

Posted by Jennifer Frazier on October 12, 2015

Heading to the local grocery store is the given way to buy your produce. But what if you want to see where your food is coming from? You can grow your own, but, even if you live in the country and have ample space for a garden, not everyone is blessed with a green thumb. Or perhaps you don’t have time to focus on an extensive outdoor project. The solution? Pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farms.

Skip the city supermarkets. Pass over the big box chain stores. Instead, choose a spot where you can go and literally pick your own produce - right off the vine. Throughout the South, there are plenty of farmers who open their doors, and gardens, making it easy to experience fresh produce and agriculture. Whether you want apples, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, corn or tomatoes, there’s a farm at the ready.

Typically, farmers charge by the bucket or pound. Pick the fruit that looks fresh and blemish free. Or pick some that isn’t fully ripe so you’ll have it at peak in a few days. That’s the perk to picking your own, what you take home and pay for is, literally, at your fingertips.

Cover yourself in bug spray and strap on your comfy shoes. We suggest you opt for boots (rubber or cowboy) because many large farms boast a sandy terrain that can be somewhat difficult to walk through. Plus, these places are often a happy haven for gnats and mosquitoes who love to nibble fresh ankles!

While most Pick-Your-Own farms focus on the summer berries and fruits, don't forget the fall harvest. Many places offer picking of pumpkins and squash, so make sure and research if a fall picking is available.

It’s time for you and your family to pick your own. Here are some top places in:

Quick tip: Be sure to call ahead before visiting any farm or orchard. Hours, prices and produce vary by location and season.

Jennifer Frazier

After 10 years as a travel writer for Southern Living Magazine, Jen Frazier traded in the corporate world to stay home with her two children, three dogs and three hermit crabs.

Now she juggles carpool and laundry with writing for the Great American Country website, AAA Texas Journey Magazine and Texas Monthly Magazine, as well as blogging for thejensource.blogspot.com While she lives in the big metropolis of Dallas, she longs for weekends in the country. To learn more about this award-winning writer (recipient of the Barbara Jordan Award and the Luce Award), visit her website at jennifermfrazier.com

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