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How to buy land in Texas | Rethink Rural Blog

If you've been looking for land for sale in Texas, you probably have a lot of questions. Experts offer tips about buying land in Texas.

Why that land agent doesn't call back

As shocking as this may sound, I am not going to work with every person that calls or emails me about buying land.

Determining Whether You Want a Property | Rethink Rural

When you have looked at a property and asked all of the right questions, there comes a point when you have to answer one question: “Do you want...

Small Acreage = Big Possibilities

Living the country life doesn’t require loads of land. You can make any size property special and specific to your needs by thinking through what...

Looking for land? Don't buy a lemon

When it comes to purchasing property with problems, the adage about making lemonade out of lemons loses its cheeriness. You want to buy land that...

Don't be a rookie: 5 tips for buying rural land in the South

After 20+ years working in land sales, John Weidenhaft shares five tips for buying rural land in the South that will move you out of rookie status.

5 key questions to ask before buying rural land

Wait! Before you buy that land, make sure you’ve done your homework. Here are five key questions to ask, and how to find the answers.

If you wait to see, don't blame me

After a very frustrating series of events at one point in my career, I came up with a new phrase for rural real estate buyers: If you wait to...

6 Features for the Perfect Off-Grid Property

The number of people contemplating relocating to rural areas so they can live “off-the-grid” is increasing. I have received enough phone calls...

Why land is one of the safest places to invest money

The stock market could crash, but your land isn't going anywhere. Land broker Jonathan Goode explains why investing in rural land pays off.