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rural travel

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Aunique Ranch: A Horse Rancher’s Paradise in New Waverly, TX

If your dream is to move to the country and buy rural land to turn into a horse or cattle ranch, you know you have your work cut out for you.

Saving the Sea Turtles of South Padre Island, Texas

 How one lady's passion for saving sea turtles has blossomed into a multimillion dollar effort to save the sea turtles of South Padre Island in...

8 Charming Tiny House Rentals in the South

We review some of the best tiny house vacation rentals where you can "try before you buy" tiny home living in the Southern United States.

Our Favorite State Parks in the South

We offer a guide to some of the best state parks in the South, including stunning beauties in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

Our favorite Mississippi State Parks

We review our 6 favorite Mississippi State Parks, which include beautiful lakes, world-class golf courses, even  an early-1800s parkway.

Natural Beauties: Louisiana's State Parks

Louisiana boasts 19 state parks, all of which show off the vast natural beauty of the Bayou State. From a place where you can experience firsthand...

Texas State Parks: Canyons, mountains, even dino tracks

We review six of Texas's best state parks, including parks with canyons, mountains and even a park with what some believe are ancient dinosaur...

Enjoy outdoor life in Georgia's state parks

Mountains, lakes, waterfalls and gorges are among the natural sights to be enjoyed in Georgia's state parks. Our list of 6 favorite Georgia parks.

Florida's best parks have something for every interest

Did you know Florida's state parks include an underwater cave, a Civil War-era fort and even a cigar museum?! Our list of 8 of Florida's most...

Our favorite rural vacation destinations and drives

Whether you’re glamping in the woods, driving a quilt barn trail or helping out with the farm chores on a farmcation, there are great ways to...