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The benefits of well water

One often under-appreciated health perk of rural living is unlimited access to a cleaner, more natural source of water: well water.

How Rural Living Helps You Stress Less and Live Longer

Five ways living in the country can give you a huge boost in your health by reducing daily stress levels.

13 unstructured playtime ideas to get the kids outside

It’s no surprise kids are overscheduled these days.

Growing your own superfood crops | Rethink Rural Blog

Did you know Americans spend nearly 27 billion dollars on nutritional supplements annually, according to Consumer Reports?

What rural land buyers want

With over 50,000 acres of rural land in the real estate inventory of TerraPointe LLC (the company that owns Rethink:Rural), it is important to...

The rural land that keeps on giving

Troy James is a man who likes to reinvent himself, and his rural land helps him do it, from raising chicken to paintball to composing music.

5 Ways Rural Living Builds Healthier Kids

We hear a lot about adults moving to the country to escape from the stress and grind of city life, but recent studies are showing stress is taking...

Goodbye city, hello country! | Rethink Rural Blog

Burton Ouzts grew up in the big city of Dallas, Texas, where celebrity-owned restaurants, fast-moving freeways and high-fashion shopping malls...