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How to Build a Pond or Lake on Your Rural Property

Posted by Tiffany Wilson on January 10, 2017

If you’re hoping to add a pond or lake to your property, there are many factors to consider and lots of planning to do. Our latest infographic offers a high level overview of the main things to consider before you start planning and digging.

 How to Build a Pond or Lake on Rural Property Infographic.png

If you liked this quick overview, read our interview with a pond-building expert at How to Build a Pond or Lake on Your Property.

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Tiffany Wilson

The former editor of Rethink:Rural, Tiffany Wilson has been passionate about writing - and country life - since childhood. She grew up in a log house in the hills of a small town in Upstate New York. She previously worked as a newspaper reporter and hospital communications coordinator. Today, she lives with her husband and children in Yulee, Florida.

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