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How to Add a Fish Pond or Water Garden To Your Land

Small fish ponds offer endless possibilities for creating unique nooks within your property and may be designed for any size landscape or budget....

How to Add a Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden to your Property

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7 Tips for Starting a Master-Planned Garden on Your Land

Before making any drastic changes to your land, draft a master plan for your garden and move carefully to reach your ultimate goal.

How to Plan and Plant a Southern Spring Garden

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Which Plants Should You Bring Indoors For The Winter?

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Mistletoe—A Most Marvelous and Mysterious Holiday Plant

The history of mistletoe goes far beyond Christmas and kissing. There are many more uses for the plant then just a holiday decoration .

7 Easy Ways to Preserve Food (No Canning Required)

Not a fan of canning? Here are 7 alternative ways to preserve produce to enjoy all winter long.

Solar Powered Pest Control Machine offers alternative to pesticides

The new organic pest control product is self-operating and self-cleaning, zapping harmful bugs without chemicals over an area of several acres.

Picking the Perfect Pumpkins: A Guide to Heirloom Pumpkin Varieties

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Simple Fall Garden Prep Trick = Less Spring Weeds

Want weed-free garden beds without pesticides? The simple technique of tarping minimizes your time spent weeding while putting organic material...