7 Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Country Sweetheart

7 Country-Inspired Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Kristen Boye on February 8, 2023

Searching for the perfect Valentine's day gift for your beloved homesteader, gardener, hobby farmer, outdoor enthusiast or nature lover? Check out these 7 romantic country-inspired gift ideas.

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, but it’s not too late to buy, make or create the perfect gift for your country sweetheart.

Whether your Valentine is into homesteading, the great outdoors or sipping a great bottle of wine on the front porch we’ve got you covered with these 7 unique Valentine’s Day Gift ideas.

7 Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Country Sweetheart

#1: give the gift of chainsaw art

Chainsaw sculptures are synonymous with country living and can be found in most rural places.

From wildlife sculptures to fountains and everything in between, chainsaw art is a great way to say “I love you” while supporting rural artists.

You can also commission a chainsaw artist to create a unique piece for your lover either in their “studio” or on your property.

An old stump or half-fallen tree, for example, could be transformed into a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind work of art.

Have yet to come across a local chainsaw artist?

Inquire with your local artist’s guild or check out: chainsawsculptors.com to find an artist near you.


#2: visit a local vineyard

Southern wines may have some time to go before they’re taken seriously by wine connoisseurs. 

However, most rural places in the Southeast have at least one local vineyard that can make for a romantic afternoon or evening out.

Whether it’s a simple wine tasting followed by dinner or a charcuterie picnic at the vineyard, or a full vineyard tour with a five-course meal and accommodations, most places offer special packages for Valentine’s Day.

But start inquiring now! Small vineyards tend to book up fast on Valentine’s Day.

#3: surprise your ANIMAL LOVER with something furry and adorable

What’s the fun of having plenty of land in the middle of nowhere if you can’t go all-out and surprise your Valentine with a pet…or farm animal?

This doesn’t mean you have to buy them an animal, necessarily.

However, if your sweetheart has been dreaming of adopting a new pet or farm animal (and you are prepared to house and care for it properly) now may be a sweet time to give a furry or feathery bundle of love.

Just imagine your partner’s face if you led them out to the barnyard and handed them a new baby pygmy goat or pot-bellied pig!

Or had a new puppy or cat jump out of a wrapped box?

Not ready for that level of commitment? You’ve got options.

A romantic horseback ride, bird- or wildlife-watching excursion or carriage ride will all warm an animal lover’s heart.


#4: book a homesteading, gardening or outdoor class together

Experts agree one of the best ways to nurture a relationship and grow together is to engage in shared interests. 

And if you’re new to country living or just interested in learning a new skill or hobby, you have the perfect excuse to learn together.

Ideally, you’d find an in-person class to get you out of the house for some real one-on-one time. 

However, online classes can be a convenient option, too…so long as you throw in a romantic dinner.

Some country-related and general ideas include:

  • Homesteading classes: such as cheesemaking, animal husbandry, regenerative or organic gardening, food preservation, soap making, composting, blacksmithing, shooting, archery, carpentry/woodworking, prepping or a comprehensive homesteading class.
  • Outdoor classes: like hunting, fly fishing, foraging, sailing, identifying native plants or survival classes.
  • From-scratch or gourmet cooking classes: these can often be found in homesteading groups or at a local market or restaurant
  • Dance classes: check your local community center or town hall
  • Writing or art classes: a local artist’s guild will likely offer these
  • Couple’s massage classes
  • Primitive craft classes: on things like making knives, guns, leather working, etc.
  • DIY classes on any number of topics, from fixing stuff to building your own greenhouse
  • Business start-up classes to help you make money from your land
  • Extreme sports to spice things up: Such as sky diving or bungee jumping

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to how you can learn and grow together.

#5: Hit the water!

Living rural means having access to the very best nature has to offer, including river, lake and ocean adventures.

Depending on where you live and how far you’re willing to drive, you could surprise your Valentine with any number of romantic experiences. Including:

  • A sunset cruise
  • A whitewater rafting experience
  • A paddle-boat ride for two
  • A moonlit canoe or kayak
  • A romantic lake- or riverside camping trip
  • Or paddle boarding

No matter what you choose, be sure to plan for a romantic meal afterward and bring along a change of clothes.


#6: Give the gift of picnic gear

Picnics can be very romantic if executed well. And one of the best ways to plan a romantic picnic is to have the right picnic gear.

Yes, picnic accessories have come a long way since the old basket, plastic utensils and checkered cloth.

You can find any number of trendy picnic baskets or backpacks (which is nice for hikers and campers) sporting everything you’d need for a seamless picnic — from wine glasses and a cooler to a mini cheeseboard and cloth napkins.

Plus, when you give your loved one a picnic basket, it sets the expectation for more romantic picnics in the future.

Want to really put this gift over the top? 

Fill that picnic vessel with a romantic meal or wine and cheese spread, grab a blanket and some candles and treat your loved one to an al fresco country dining experience.

#7: Install a porch swing, garden bench or Hammock for two

Nothing says I love you like a peaceful place for you and your sweetheart to cuddle up and enjoy one another.

If you’re lucky enough to own land (especially land with a view), take advantage of it by carving out a romantic spot to reconnect.

A porch swing is classic in the South and is a great option for parents who need to stay close to the house. 

To make it extra romantic, consider adding comfortable cushions with pillows, a place for candles and string lights for nighttime rendezvous.

Hammocks are another awesome way to get more fresh air and some snuggle time.

Just be sure to select an extra-large hammock for two (check the weight limit too!) that won’t sink too far down in the middle. 

No trees close enough together? A hammock stand will work on any piece of relatively level ground.

A garden bench is another great way to create some space and romance just for the two of you. 

Cement benches are practical but not very comfortable for long conversations. 

A basic wooden bench is a more comfortable option, and you can even carve your names or initials in a heart.

If you really want to splurge, have a custom bench made with a design, symbol, date or quote that shows your love.

Need something more basic? 

A sleeping bag for two with a queen-size quilt makes a lovely space for romantic Valentine’s Day star-gazing on your property.

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