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buying rural land

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How many acres do you need to board horses?

Kentucky horse farming management expert Ron Wallace explains how many acres of land you need to raise or board horses.

How many acres do you need for a hobby farm or homestead?

Ben Godfrey tells how many acres you need for a hobby farm and shares his story of transitioning from suburb to hobby farm to fulltime sustainable...

How many acres do I need for an outdoor retreat?

The owners of a mountain bike getaway talk about how they found the property of their dreams and made it work for their retreat. 

This article is...

How many acres do you need for a CSA?

We talk to the expert in market gardening and micro-farming, Jean-Martin Fortier, who brings in six figures a year on his 1.5 acres.

How big is an acre of land? | Rethink Rural Blog

A lot of people don't know how big an acre really is, so on this The Rural Rules video, we show you the exact size of an acre.

The Rural Rules teaches how to buy country land

Introducing our educational video series, which features an insider's guide to buying and owning rural land.

How to buy land in Texas | Rethink Rural Blog

If you've been looking for land for sale in Texas, you probably have a lot of questions. Experts offer tips about buying land in Texas.

What insurance do you need for raw land?

What insurance do you need for land? A Farm Bureau Insurance agent who works with rural landowners shares his advice on the coverage your land...

Know before you go: Preparing to preview properties

Before you head out to preview a piece of rural property, here are a few key tips that will make your next outing more enjoyable, safer, and your...

Why that land agent doesn't call back

As shocking as this may sound, I am not going to work with every person that calls or emails me about buying land.