How To Find Land For Sale

Posted by Kristen Boye on October 20, 2022

Wondering how to find raw rural land for sale? This article shares the best online and offline resources to help you find your dream property.

Finding land for sale isn’t the same as searching for a residential property.

Sure, you can try the conventional route by using popular real estate sites or even hiring a residential realtor. 

However, as seasoned land buyers will tell you, chances are you’ll miss out on some choice properties…unless you think outside the box.

In this article, you’ll learn three steps to finding the best land for sale resources in your area. 

Including online and offline resources, the right type of agent to hire and other creative ways to scout out the best properties in your desired location.

Step 1: Start Your Land Search Online Using These Resources

There are big differences between buying a residential home in a neighborhood and a piece of raw, rural land. 

However, your starting point is usually the same: start searching online.

As previously stated, you can use typical residential home-buying sites to search for undeveloped land and raw acreage. However, land-specific search sites will often have more listings and filters to make the process easier.

Some of the best land-for-sale sites to search include:

These sites let you:

  • Filter by the type of property you want, such as farms, ranches, hunting land, recreational land, commercial land, etc.
  • Set up alerts, so you’re the first to know when new properties come up for sale in your area.
  • Gain helpful information on market values, how quickly properties are selling, and who represents the sellers…
...which brings us to Step 2.


Step 2: Find A Land Agent

After you’ve gotten a feel for what’s on the market, and maybe even picked out a few property favorites, it’s time to hire an agent and start visiting prospective properties.

However, when looking for raw land, it is best to hire a land agent or realtor who specializes in undeveloped land vs. a residential realtor.

In, Why Hire a Land Agent Rather Than a Residential Realtor?, Anne Barnett, owner, and president of Southern Property Services Inc. in Gainesville, Florida, explains:

“There are many differences regarding marketing land and marketing homes or commercial property,” says Barnett. “One difference is the actual showing of the property. It is important to get your buyers on the land. Knowing what you are looking at from aerial maps is of major importance. [Land agents] have four-wheel drive vehicles and can both drive the land and walk it. Most ‘traditional’ residential Realtors do not do either.” 

In addition:

  • Land agents understand regulations that pertain to zoning, such as the various floodplain classifications and the difference between wetlands and the 100-year floodplain.
  • Land agents know ways to resolve issues, such as limited access; survey issues, such as encroachment title defects; and mineral rights and royalties problems.
  • They can help obtain land loan financing.
  • They can work closely with foresters to estimate the value of the timber on a property. 
  • They know attorneys, land clearing companies, land loan institutions, and other support resources specific to raw land.
  • They can help you determine the highest and best value and use of prospective properties

In How to Find The Perfect Recreational Property, Baker County, Florida-based realtor and land expert Brandi Volz of Thomas R. Rhoden Agency, Inc. added that knowing a good local land agent is essential for getting insider information on properties that may be going up for sale and “first dibs” on new listings. 

This is especially helpful when inventory is low, like during the height of the pandemic.

How Do YOu find a good land agent?

As previously mentioned, the land search sites listed in Step 1 are a great place to start. You can also call the local Chamber of Commerce in your desired area, or lending institutions that specialize in financing land, and ask for their recommendations.

To learn more, including what questions to ask a land agent before hiring one, check out: Why Hire a Land Agent Rather Than a Residential Realtor?


Step 3:  Don't Underestimate The Power of Driving Around And Word of Mouth

Online tools and agents are extremely helpful in finding the right property. 

However, many landowners have come across their dream properties by driving around their desired area and spending time in that location.

Long-time owners often test the waters by putting up their properties “For Sale By Owner”. Your agent should keep abreast of these listings; however, sometimes, the best way to find them first is by driving around those country roads.

In addition, you may become privy to information about properties coming up for sale by spending time at local restaurants, coffee shops, farmer’s markets, festivals, churches, and even town meetings.

In small towns and rural places, it’s not unheard of for deals to be made before a property is even listed via word of mouth. So don’t be shy! You never know when you could be talking to a potential seller.

Try These Tips, And You, Too, Can Find Your Dream Property!

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