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What Drives a Woman to Become a Farmer?

Being passionate about eating well and caring about the food you consume can lead you to some interesting places, like a field of okra.

Solar Powered Pest Control Machine offers alternative to pesticides

The new organic pest control product is self-operating and self-cleaning, zapping harmful bugs without chemicals over an area of several acres.

Picking the Perfect Pumpkins: A Guide to Heirloom Pumpkin Varieties

You might only be familiar with the round, orange pumpkins that show up everywhere in the fall, but there are many more kinds of pumpkins, ranging...

How a Forester Knows If Trees Are Healthy

What does a forester look for to know whether a forest is healthy or unhealthy? A forestry expert reviews the signs of great tree health - and...

Barn building inspiration from old barns across the U.S.

Get your barn building ideas from this piece highlighting the charms of old barn architecture across the United States.

10 Charming Farm Vacation Destinations in the South

We profile 10 farm vacation destinations in the South, including horse ranches, an avocado farm, a working cattle ranch and more.

Family homestead becomes farm vacation destination

The homesteaders who own The Farm, a farm vacation destination in Danville, Kentucky, explain how their farm tourism business got started. You can...

Raising farm kids: A family's move from subdivision to hobby farm

A family trades life in a subdivision for a small farm, raising farm kids who know the meaning of hard work, good food and the beauty of the...

Tips from The Beekman Boys: they answer 10 questions about rural life

Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell of the TV show, The Fabulous Beekman Boys, share tips they have learned about rural life since moving from NYC...

How many acres do you need to raise cattle?

We talk to grass-farming food activist Nick Ball about how many acres you need to raise cattle.