Tips for Planning a Romantic Camping Trip

Alone at Last! Tips for Planning a Romantic Camping Trip

Posted by Corey Hunt on April 14, 2021

Many couples (especially parents!) have been starved for a romantic getaway this past year. However, with things starting to improve (and Grandparents being over the moon to watch your kiddos again!) now could be the perfect time for a romantic outdoor excursion. Outdoorswoman, Corey Hunt, shares her best tips on planning a romantic camping trip.

For our last date night, my husband and I went to a restaurant for a nice, quiet evening away from the kids. To our surprise, we were packed into a small booth next to two other couples who were anything but quiet. 

Since the COVID pandemic, we have been spoiled with quiet, socially distanced venues that have been sterilized to the max. However...these venues don’t bode well for romance, especially for those concerned about contracting the COVID virus. 

But, there is one venue that doesn’t require a mask, is socially distanced and will allow you to reconnect with your significant other while de stressing. It’s the outdoors!

With a little prep, even camping can be a romantic weekend getaway. If your significant other doesn’t immediately share your opinion in favor of camping as a romantic weekend, don’t fret. These tips (plus the temptation of a night or two alone with YOU) should be enough to get them on board.

Food Counts...Even in the Great Outdoors

how to plan a romantic camping trip

Many people equate camping meals to prepackaged or dehydrated food that tastes like cardboard. Not very romantic!

But, if you can learn to cook over coals or an open flame there are a lot of options at camp.

My favorite way to start a romantic meal at home or at camp is with a wine and cheese appetizer.

If we take wine to the campsite or on the trail, we usually store it in a metal canister so we don’t have to worry about breaking the glass. Many cheeses can be served at room temperature or left out for an hour so before going bad, so if you have a cooler close by it's an easy option.  

My husband doesn’t like “girly foods” so when we make a romantic camping main course, it is usually a grilled cut of steak cooked on the grate over the fire. The fire gives the steak a smokey taste that pairs well with just salt and pepper for seasoning. While he is preparing the steak, I will cut up some onions and potatoes to cook in the coals from the fire wrapped in tin foil. And if you bring a grill grate for over the fire, you can grill some "gourmet" vegetables too.

For dessert, I recommend keeping it simple and stepping up your s’more game or going for some chocolate dipped fruit.

For the s'mores, try chocolate and peanut butter instead of plain chocolate, or melting a caramel on the plain chocolate bar. I have also heard that some people like to try flavored marshmallows instead of plain.

We have also melted a couple chocolate bars to dip strawberries in, just be sure to watch the chocolate carefully or it will burn.   

Setting up the Right Sleeping Arrangements

Happy coupleSometimes, significant others have trouble viewing camping as romantic because they don’t want to sleep on the ground or think it will be uncomfortable.  

If an RV isn’t in your budget, I would recommend a high quality sleeping pad. Not only are they warmer, but they are worth the extra expense for a comfortable good night sleep. Some of our friends like to take an air mattress to set up in the tent instead. While other couples we know have a double sleeping bag that sleeps two people nice and cozy.  

If your loved one is still on the fence about a romantic camping getaway, start small with a romantic hike

Choose a hike with a view and start in the afternoon, this way when the sun is going down you can stop and enjoy the evening colors of the sunset.

Pack a picnic for your romantic hike (again, wine and cheese with fruit, nuts, veggies, and crackers makes a great appetizer or main course). When the view is the best, stop, eat your meal and really unplug and talk.  

With a little preparation and careful convincing, you and your partner can make fond romantic memories, despite the global pandemic. And who knows, you may even find yourselves preferring it to your standard hotel-getaway!

Corey Hunt

Corey Hunt is an award-winning freelance outdoor writer and photographer from the upstate of South Carolina, where she lives with her husband and two children. Her work has appeared in publications such as Dun Magazine, South Carolina Wildlife and other online publications. More on Corey’s writing can be found on the blog she writes with her husband,

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