Buying land: What the experts have taught us

Posted by Tiffany Wilson on June 28, 2016

We're looking back at some of the best expert advice we've received about buying rural land in celebration of Rethink:Rural's one-year birthday.

Whether it's asking the right questions when visiting a property, financing a land loan, or ensuring a tract has adequate access, there are so many details to get right when purchasing land.

That’s why Rethink:Rural has turned to the experts to offer you the guidance you need to one day purchase land with confidence.

3 Steps to Buying Rural Land with ConfidenceIn celebration of our first birthday, we’re taking a look back at some of the best land buying advice we’ve shared.

Other highlights from our first year:

1. 20 Questions to Ask Before Buying Land

If you’ve never purchased land before, you may be concerned about asking the right questions during the land-buying process. An Alabama land agent offers an overview of key questions and explains how critical it is to consider how the property fits what you intend to use it for.

2. How to Know How Many Acres You Need

First of all, how big is an acre? In this video, we showed you example of what an acre is. Then we interviewed experts about the right size property for specific purposes, including how many acres you need for:

This primer will help you get a much better idea of the amount of land you need for whatever you hope to do with your property.

Ben Godfrey uses front horses on his sustainable hobby farm. He explains how to determine how many acres you need for your farm here.

3. How to Get Access Rights to Land

Even more important than location, location is access. If you can’t get rights to reach the land, it doesn’t matter how otherwise ideal it is. A land agent explains different
types of access rights and discusses how to get the rights to the land you want.

4. How to NOT be a Rookie Landbuyer

A veteran with 20+ years’ experience in land sales tells you the key people to connect with - and the critical documents to seek out - to buy land like an expert. He Subscribe to Rethink:Rural's monthly e-newsletterexplains in 5 easy tips.

5. How to Finance a Land Purchase

Home loans and land loans are two different animals, and in this article the senior vice president of a farm credit institution explains why. He walks us through the steps to obtain a land loan and offers advice on how to set your budget and get your land loan approved.

6. How Investing in Land Pays Off

There are so many ways to invest your money, but land ownership may be one of the least risky - and with great reward. A Georgia land agent explains how land ownership pays off, in the value of the land itself, the ways you can use the land to make money and the enjoyment you get from owning the land.

7. What Insurance Do You Need for Raw Land?

You’re coming up with your land-buying budget, but does insurance need to be a part of that plan? What kind of insurance would you need for raw acreage? A Farm Bureau insurance agent who works with rural landowners explains what insurance you may need - and what you won’t.


8. Looking for Land? Don’t Buy a Lemon

You don’t want to find out a property has problems after you’ve signed on the dotted line. A land agent outlines 6 ways to make sure the property you’re buying isn’t a lemon.

9. 6 Features for the Perfect Off-Grid Property

If you’re looking to live off the grid, this guide will get you started on finding the perfect land for a sustainable lifestyle. A land agent highlights 6 key features to look for as you begin looking for an off-the-grid property.

10. What to Know Before You Go Look at Property

You’re finally ready to get out on that land and decide whether it’s the property of your dreams. So how do you prepare for your first property visit? A land agent offers five practical tips to ensure you get the most out of your property preview.

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