54 ways to know you grew up "country"

Posted by Jonathan Goode on June 2, 2016

Country boy Jonathan Goode shares his list of 54 favorite experiences that country living gives you. How many have you experienced, and which is your favorite? What would you add to the list?


  1. Growing up in a small town
  2. Visiting your grandparents' farm during summer vacation
  3. Subscribe to Rethink:Rural's monthly e-newsletterWading cold creeks
  4. Sitting on a deer stand
  5. Watching a bobber dance on the surface of a farm pond
  6. Feeding carrots to the horses
  7. Picking tomatoes from the vine
  8. Climbing to the bows of a magnolia
  9. Stalking up on a covey of quail
  10. Eating an apple fresh off the tree
  11. Playing king of the hill on bales of hay  Country_Life_Kids_on_Haybale.jpg
  12. Filling glass jars with glowing fireflies
  13. Sitting around a campfire and laughing with friends
  14. Paddling a canoe over rushing shoals
  15. Waking up early for work or play
  16. Riding side-seat on a tractor
  17. Skipping rocks on the lake
  18. Crawling under a barbwire fence
  19. Grasping the rough lip of a largemouth bass
  20. Dusty dirt roads in the bed of a truck
  21. The freshest food you’ve ever put in your mouth by a woman that could cook better than anything you’ve ever had since
  22. The fellowship of a great dove hunt
  23. Crossing a creek on a fallen log bridge
  24. Learning what a good day’s work really is
  25. The pounding of your heart as a gobbler thunders mere feet from you
  26. The companionship of a great dog Country_Life_Boy_With_Dog.jpg
  27. Having to undress outside because you are filthy from head to toe
  28. Playing in the rain
  29. Feeling the burning cold wind on your cheeks and loving it
  30. Patting your pants legs and dust pluming out
  31. Wearing gloves because your hands were tender
  32. Going barefoot because your feet were tough
  33. Shooting guns at empty soda cans
  34. Whittling sticks with your very own pocket knife
  35. Facing challenges that you weren’t sure you were ready to conquer
  36. Making memories you’ll never forget
  37. Sharing stories that make everyone laugh
  38. A finger pinch from a crawdad
  39. A peck from a chicken
  40. A scratch from a cat
  41. Running from the bull
  42. Leaping at the sight of a snake underfoot
  43. Dirt under fingernails
  44. A tire swing Country_Life_Tire_Swing.jpg
  45. Tying knots
  46. The sound an arrow makes leaving the bow
  47. The thrill of the first kill
  48. The first taste of food you harvested
  49. Naps in the warm sun
  50. Summer nights on a screened porch
  51. The first nip of autumn
  52. Tracking game in the snow
  53. Juicy peach dripping from your chin
  54. Simple, slow-paced, authentic, honorable, hard-working, wanting to relive, worth passing along.


If these are similar to your memories and if you want to find country land to pass this along to those you love, contact Rethink:Rural's parent company, Raydient Places + Properties, or the team Jonathan Goode is a part of at Southeastern Land Group. We know it, we live it, we can help you find the right place to share what you value with those you love.

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Jonathan Goode

Jonathan Goode is a land broker with Southeastern Land Group, helping people buy and sell land across Alabama. He has earned the prestigious designation as an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and enjoys helping educate people about many topics related to rural land ownership. Jonathan, his wife Whitney, and his children live on a 75 acre farm in Perry County, Alabama. They enjoy living the simple life in the country. Whitney grows much of their food in their large garden and tends to the chickens and other critters that inhabit their place. You can keep track of some of Jonathan's follies and exploits on his webpage, Jonathan Goode - West Alabama Land for Sale.

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