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Infographic: The Health Benefits of Eating Wild Turkey

Posted by John Lewis on May 3, 2017

Eating meat from turkey caught in the wild has health benefits you won't find in the processed turkey sold in stores. This infographic reviews the health benefits of eating wild turkey.

Nothing tastes sweeter than having something you hunted on your table for your loved ones to enjoy. During turkey season, you have a chance to harvest your own wild turkey, which is much healthier than its domesticated counterparts. Even store-bought turkey has plenty of benefits for us. It's a great source of lean protein. But there's a vast difference between eating wild turkey and eating a domesticated one, as explained in the Epic Wilderness blog's infographic below, which helps us to explore the health benefits of turkey.

For further reading, take a look at Rethink:Rural's article, 9 Healthy Reasons To Eat Wild Game, which is one of the sources for this great overview of ways eating turkey from the wild is good for you:

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John Lewis

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