The back deck: My

The back deck: My "Happy Place"

Posted by Jayne Gray on October 22, 2015

Shhhhh .... don't tell anybody but I'm in my Happy Place this morning.  And I'm hiding.  Hiding from the house that needs cleaning, the laundry that needs folding and putting away, the to-do list that seems to get longer every day, the stack of Very, Very Important Papers that need tending, signing, responding to and filing away.  Hiding from the kids who will hit me with a barrage of, "Mama, what's for breakfast?" and "Mama, what time are we picking up so-and-so?" and "Mama, what are we doing fun today?" and "Mama, yard work is NOT considered fun!"

I'm on my back deck with a cup of coffee enjoying not only the sounds of about 20 different types of birds chirping and singing, but also enjoying the absence of sound.  No traffic, no blaring TVs, not even another human voice.  Just me and Mother Nature and her closest friends.

As I'm gazing around my surroundings my eye doesn't land on the carpet of yellow pollen that needs to be blown off the deck or the hot tub that needs to be cleaned out or even the fleet of dirt bikes, 4-wheelers and ATVs that never seem to be parked in an orderly fashion.  I'm drawn out into the yard and up into the trees that surround our house.

You know those “sounds of nature” cds that yoga instructors play to help you reach your zen spot?  That's what my backyard sounds like.  Ok, I sort of made up the term "zen spot" but I'm sure you've done yoga before so you know what I mean.  That's the soundtrack of my back yard, minus the flute and the trickling stream sound that always wakes up my bladder.

I love the way sunlight filters through the trees.  The soft rustling of the wind through the leaves.  The cool, dewy feel of the air on my skin before the temperature and humidity start rising.  The stillness of the world waking up around me.  The precious moments of calm before I take my place as Queen Type-A Commander of the World and All Things Around Me.

I'm pretty sure if we lived in town I'd be a very high-maintenance woman.  I'd have to get weekly massages and bi-weekly mani/pedis to maintain my sanity.   And quite possibly a therapy session every now and then.  And a maid.  But as long as I have my Happy Place .....

(sigh .....)

But, shhhh ... don't tell anybody!

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Jayne Gray

Jayne Gray I'm a part-time preschool teacher, full-time Southern Domestic Goddess. I love writing, singing, making stained glass art, cooking, entertaining, all things sparkly/glittery, spending time with my family, being creative in general, and just loving life! I live on a river in South Georgia with my husband of 19 years, Tim, and our two sons whom I lovingly refer to as Teenaged Man/Child (17) and Baby Boy (11.) I'm also stepmama/friend to my adorable stepdaughter, Sweetie Pea (26.) There's never a dull moment in my day and I'm constantly reminded why God gave me this great sense of humor!

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